From being ill in bed with a pick n mix of auto immune diseases… to being re-energised, free of pain and losing 30lbs using the methods I will teach you!

Only a few years ago, I was dead broke. We were experiencing a major recession in Spain due to the worldwide crash. I had no energy and no money. I was in pain, unhappy, anxious, stressed, depressed and overweight. I pretty much hated my life….

How my dream turned into a nightmare….

I was living in the South of Spain in the sunshine, selling beautiful, dream properties to clients. I was a social butterfly organising fun events and full of positive energy.


I travelled to Cuba and got married barefoot on a beautiful, white, sandy beach . On the last day of our wedding holiday, I got really ill from the hotel food.

By the time we arrived back in Spain, I was doubled over with terrible stomach cramps.

I went straight to Ambulatorio and was given antibiotics which did nothing. I decided I was dying from cancer as my health was rapidly deteriorating. I  put my glad rags on and partied like it was 1999! I wanted to have fun before I died!

By now, the recession had cut really deep. I couldn’t afford to be in the Spanish social security system to see a doctor.

On New Year’s Eve’s Eve, I went out and partied. I haven’t been the same since!

I woke up the next morning with the flu. I was so ill. I struggled to get out of bed. This went on for months and months.

It took all my energy to get out of bed and have a shower. I would collapse back in bed exhausted from the effort.  I had to find some energy to get back up and dress. Lie back down. I would sit at my computer for an hour and feel the dreaded fatigue hit me like a brick. Lie back down. The effort to get through a day was utterly draining. And extremely frustrating!!

This was no normal flu! It was a lot worse as the symptoms just got worse and lasted for years….

women Epstein Barr glandular fever fibromyalgia thyroid

One magical day, I managed to sell a property and earn some decent commission! I immediately paid for private medical insurance.

Off I went to the private clinic with hope in my heart! I was sooooo happy that I could finally go and get the tests I needed to find out what the hell was wrong with me.

I was told by a young doctor in the clinic that there was absolutely nothing wrong with me! She said it was all in my head! And sent me off to the Farmacia to buy some paracetamol. Ufffff…..

Really?! I felt so alone, frustrated, super depressed and cried for hours….

I was in a lot of pain, my muscles hurt and I was very weak. My glands were swollen and very sore. I was in the depths of despair. I wanted to kill myself. I’d been like this for 8 months now. Was this Mystery Illness really a figment of my imagination?

Was I going mad? Was I a Hypochondriac?

Cannabis Wellness Seedella Marbella

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Spain, but I was more depressed than ever.

As I drove to a new doctor highly recommended to me.  I remember thinking dark thoughts, over and over, like an annoying record that got stuck in my head… Thoughts like “Will I ever get better?” … “Can anyone help me?” …. “Is it possible for me to go back to being happy, without pain and full of energy?” ….. “Does anyone care about me?”

And – although it embarrasses me to share this with you now – the answer to ALL these questions was a resounding NO!

I broke down in tears as I told my new Doctor how the last 8 months had been hell for me. I asked her to test me for glandular fever (Epstein Barr Virus). I diagnosed myself using Google!

The results were positive! I felt relief! I wasn’t going mad! Fcuk the other doctor! I knew I wasn’t imagining this fcuking illness! How come I could figure this out and she as a doctor couldn’t?

I found my new doctor to be my guardian angel when I was at my lowest point. I am truly, grateful for her taking time to listen to me.

Seedella Auto Immune Cannabis

I entered a world of specialists, tests, more tests, clinics, scans, hospitals and three major operations. I had cameras stuck up my bum and thrust down my throat!

Over the years, I have been diagnosed with; Hashimoto Thyroid, Myopathy (muscle weakness), Fibromyalgia, CFS – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Epstein Barr Virus.  The EPV entered my liver, spleen and then drilled down into my thyroid. After doing damage there it then hid in my central nervous system attacked that then went on to live in my muscles.

Life was horrible. I felt suicidal at times. I cried every day with sheer frustration of the hopeless situation I was in. I was so angry. I just wanted to be back to my “normal self” again. I comfort ate and put on a lot of weight. Didn’t care just wanted to die.

One day, my friend, The Intelligent Hippy, came down from the mountains with a big bag of weed! Along with coffee filters, butane gas and some alcohol. He showed me how to make concentrated FECO cannabis oil. Without blowing ourselves or the apartment up!!

cbd oil womens health cannabis Seedella

Of course, back then all of this was highly illegal. It still is! There’s still a big stigma in Europe around cannabis. Things are slowly changing…

I didn’t care if it was illegal!  Because the morning after dosing myself the previous night with this concentrated, sticky, tar like cannabis was a revelation. I woke up without any pain! I could get out of bed! I felt happy! WOW!! 

During my second year of illness, a Wave of Calm Spread Over Me, And I Made a Decision Which Changed My Life… Forever!

I told myself that I must make use of the time I was spending resting in bed by learning new skills. My intuition told me that maybe I am ill for a reason….

That’s when my life changed forever! I healed myself using what I learnt and practised. And I discovered my true Passion and Purpose in Life!

I’ve literally spent thousands of euros trying to improve my health. I now have all the magical ingredients for kicking the crap out of auto immune mystery illnesses. I have learnt some major hacks that really do work!

Seedella cannabis wellness health women auto immune

I can help guide you step by step back to health, energy, happiness and wellbeing.

If I can do it, you can too! Using the healing power of Cannabis as a wellness tool combined with other proven plant medicines.

Do you feel stuck, depressed and fed up but would love to improve your health? Is your auto immune disease holding you back from enjoying life?

I coach professional women in their 40´s with auto immune diseases to rise into their PASSION, POWER AND PURPOSE so they can reach their full potential and reclaim their HEALTH, their ENERGY and to LOSE WEIGHT.


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