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I´ve always been the green sheep of my family. I had my first puff on a joint when I was 18 at college and discovered that it chilled me out and reduced my anxiety.

Little did I know back then that cannabis was a medicine!

Until I got a chronic long term illness….. (read my story here)

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Then I realised how powerful cannabis is as a healing tool

This was a game changer for me!

I spent thousands of euros educating myself and travelling around the world to get a good all round understanding of the world’s most controversial plant

Over the years, I’ve attended events, conferences, retreats and connected with some amazing and knowledgeable people in the cannabis industry….

Cannatech Innovation Conference, London – October 2017

  • Attended a 2 day CannaTech Conference in London organised by world leaders in cannabis – the Israelis
  • Listened to speakers from all over the world – professors, scientists, business innovators and ex police officers from LEAP
  • Sat and chatted to Tracey Ryan who created CannaKids. What an amazing woman!

Canatech Tracy Ryan Cannakids










8 week Canabis Wellness Transformation Course –  November 2017

  • Completed an online 8 week Wellness Transformation Course
  • Learnt how to use cannabis mindfully for wellness, understand dosing, lose weight and release pain

Cannabis Medicine Workshop, Spain – January 2018

  • Attended a one day workshop to learn more about the medicinal and spiritual side of this sacred plant
  • Learnt how to make extracts – oil, resin, butter, salve and skin products
  • Took part in a ceremony with the vibration of music, meditation to connect with Santa Maria´s feminine energy

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Educational Trip to Los Angeles – April 2018

  • Spent 4 weeks in Los Angeles THE HUB of cannabis innovation and business activity
  • Attended a 5 day Cannabis Retreat – the first of its kind in the world!
  • Completed a 5 day educational cannabis course with the awesome Dr Ira Price who has been treating patients with cannabis for 10 years. Received a certificate for completing his course
  • Learnt about baking with adaptogens, cannabis and sensuality, extractions with a chef
  • Took part in a gardening course with Brian Chaplin of Medicine Box and Cameron Hatton of Fiddlers Green

KARE Cannabis Certificate Dr Ira Price Canada cannabis










One day pop up Cannabis 420 festival – April 2018

  • Met the top movers and shakers in the LA cannabis industry 
  • Experienced the bliss side of cannabis with a cannabis ceremony and sound bath
  • Listened to a panel discussion about “Destigmatizing Cannabis”

The panel included Len May, President of EndoCanna Health, an innovative company specializing in personalised medicinal cannabis using DNA sequencing; Anya Cravitz, a founder of Olive Kind Agency; Ariel Clark, one of California’s longest-serving cannabis business attorneys; and Eben Britton, a retired NFL offensive lineman

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Downtown LA – visited MedMen Cannabis Dispensary … The Apple store of Weed!

  • My first visit to a legal cannabis dispensary!
  • It was so exciting to see what the future holds for medical as well as recreational cannabis
  • Interesting to see how many food, drink, strains of cannabis, concentrates etc were available

MEDMEN downtown Los Angeles cannabis











Reefer Madness Burlesque Evening in LA!

  • Production at Harvelles Jazz Club in Santa Monica
  • Entertainment Experiences with vape bars, infused chocolates, CBD mocktails etc
  • Set in prohibition times back in the 30´s the show told the story of why cannabis was banned and demonised
  • This was such a fun cannabis entertainment evening!

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The Hash, Hemp & Marijuana Museum, Barcelona – Sept 2018

  • Visited the Hemp, Hash & Marihuana Museum in Barcelona
  • Spent hours wandering around learning about the worlds most controversial plant
  • The history of the plant from ancient times through to modern

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Cannabis Trades Association Conference, UK – October 2018

  • Listened to talks from lawyers, professors, doctors etc
  • Connected with people in the industry who are now good friends
  • Became a member of the CTA after passing criminal checks, financial and compliance checks
  • They say “a day in the cannabis industry is like a year in normal business.  Things can and do change on a daily basis”
  • cannabis trades association MEMBER Seedella





Became a distributor of Organic CBD products, Spain – December 2018

  • Products grown organically in Andalucia 
  • Manage a team of 100 distributors all over Europe
  • Amazing feedback from people improving their health using CBD products
  • Hands on interaction coaching people how to dose with CBD
  • Created CBD educational training for my team

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One month Wellness Retreat, Koh Samui, Thailand – February 2019

  • Reconnect, Recharge, Revitalise & Re-Energise
  • Learnt wellness modules to help improve auto immune issues
  • Got actively involved in learning more about nutrition for auto immune
  • Completed a 10 day detox specifically designed for my illnesses
  • Completed a healthy Thai Food course
  • Attended modules on emotional healing, yin yoga, pilates

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Spannabis Cannabis Trade Fair, Spain – March 2019

  • Visited the biggest cannabis trade fair in the world in Barcelona
  • Attended lectures from Spanish government ministers, doctors, activists, seed companies and business people from America
  • Learnt more about growing cannabis. Saw all the latest tech and innovations
  • Connected with the biggest seed companies in the world and learnt about their genetics

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We are Mary Jane!  Women in Weed – Barcelona March 2019

  • This expo opened in Barcelona at the Hash Museum to correspond with Spannabis 2019
  • I was lucky to connect and interact with some of the amazing famous women in the industry who are trailblazers in cannabis
  • Below is myself with activist and writer Michka Seeliger-Chatelain – Le Grande Dame du Cannabis
  • You can read my blog about the expo here 

seedella and michka seeliger-chatelain












The Spirit of Cannabis Retreat, Jamaica – June 2019

  • Stayed on a Ganja Wellness Resort for 7 nights on the unspoilt south coast of Jamaica….
  • With superstars in the cannabis industry; Dr Lakisha Jenkins, Keiko Beatie, Sari Gabbay, Len May, Doreen Sullivan of Bud Vases and the owner of the farm Steve
  • Learnt about the grow at the farm, Endocannbinoid System, cannabis and functional medicine, cannabis and the pineal gland, cannabis and sex, ayurvedic balancing, visited another ganja farm, sound healing workshop, making edibles and using cannabis for spirituality
  • Original OG! Jamaica has some of the nicest top quality weed!

seedella cannabis retreat jamaica













Cannabis Membership Society – November 2019

  • Seedella became Events Organiser and Cannabis Wellness Coach for members
  • Created successful 1 day mini cannabis retreats
  • Organised an Infused Birthday Party with music and edibles to enhance the experience
  • Smooth Cannabis Grooves event – when music combines with weed
  • Coaching people on how to use cannabis wellbeing products

members society







Talked about “The Benefits of Cannabis” at the Mind, Body & Soul Event – November 2019

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Women who Grow, Spain – January 2020

  • Consultation with a cancer patient who wanted info on Full Extract Cannabis Oil
  • Conducted a Site Survey and sourced indoor grow equipment
  • Researched cannabis seeds for his particular needs
  • Helped set up a small indoor grow
  • Patient learnt how to make his own cannabis medicine

indoor cannabis grow








Cannabis Fundamental Certificate Program – April 2020

  • Completed this in-depth course from the leaders in cannabis education and training
  • The program was developed alongside the doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, cultivators, and innovators shaping the future of legal cannabis, and is utilized by top organizations to educate their workforces


Speaker at Love Yourself Project, Online Event – April 2020

love yourself project cannabis retreat seedella











Seedella curated a one day cannabis retreat, journey to your future self, Spain – June 2020

  • We all agreed it was just what we needed coming out of lockdown!

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Cannabis Patient Care Certificate Program – July 2020

  • Completed this in-depth course from the leaders in cannabis education and training
  • Leading health care specialists and educators developed the Patient Care Program
  • Gained a comprehensive understanding of cannabis, the plant’s effects on human physiology, and how it can be used to promote overall wellness and relieve a variety of health issues


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